FBG Contest Live Scoring

Use the Left Nav Menu to get to each of the features on the site:

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    1. Go to FBG and get the 6 digit number for your entry (the six digits in the URL right before the ".PHP"). For example: http:// subscribers.footballguys.com/ contest/ 2017/ XXXXXX.php in that URL the XXXXXX would be your entry id.
    2. Come back to calcomatic and navigate to the My Entry page from the left menu
    3. If you used this site last year you may have to tell Calcomatic to forget your entry from last year. If you see a search page after you click "My Entry" you can skip the "forget" step.
    4. Forget My Entry - click the "My Entry" button so calcomatic forgets a previous entry number. Click the "My Entry" link from the left nav menu again to see the search page.
    5. Calcomatic displays the search page where you enter your entry id
    6. verify the entry looks correct, and if so click the "My Entry" button again so calcomatic will remember the entry id for this year
    7. GOOD LUCK!