Preseason Bookmarklet Used to check your roster construction.

This bookmarklet displays a grid showing the players on your roster and their bye weeks. Click Here to see an example. This is from a few years ago, hopefully that wasn't my final entry :-)

  1. Install th bookmarklet in your browser (see below for instructions if necessary)
  2. Go here at FBG to see your entry:
  3. Click the Submit which will take you to entrycheck.php page
  4. Now, click the bookmarklet and an overview of your entry will pop up in a new window.

HERE IS THE BOOKMARKLET --> Check 35K Contest Entry

A bookmarklet is a small JavaScript applet that is stored as a bookmark in your browser. To install a bookmarklet, you left click on the link and drag it into your browser's bookmarks.
Additional information about bookmarklets can be found HERE. This links to a FireFox support page, but bookmarklets can be used in any browser.